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Most Popular Boots December 5, 2012

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Cowgirl Boots December 3, 2012

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These boots are called cowgirl boots.  They are so cute with jeans and a  flannel.  Cowgirl boots are also cute with a flowy skirt and a designed top.  They are perfect for going to a country line dance place like Border Line.  Not only will you look amazing every guy will ask you to dance because you’ll look so good in these sexy cowgirl boots.  You can also wear these on just a normal casual day when you want to feel like a cowgirl.  Cowgirl boots also look good with a flowery dress that flows when you walk.  In addition these boots give you a little height so your legs will look great.  Plus, cowgirl boots also can be very warm so you still can have that cowgirl look in the winter.  But you can also wear them in the summer when you wear them with that skirt outfit I talked about in the beginning.


Combat Boots November 29, 2012

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These are combat boots, and they are so adorable and so comfortable to wear. They look adorable with anything in your closet.  You can wear them with a dress, a skirt, jeans or even shorts.  Combat boots are so in right now and everyone has them.  They lace up in the middle so you  don’t have to worry about them coming loose.  These boots have such good grip on the bottom of them, so that you will never fall.  Even when it rains and the floor is so slippery, you still won’t fall, because of how strong combat boots grip is.  Plus, they also have cute buckles on the side of them for a cute design.  These boots make every outfit amazing.  They come in dark gray, black, and also green.  They look cute when you wear a scarf with them too.  But most of all they look awesome when you put cute loose curls in your hair, to just give it a little volume.


Flat Boots

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These boots are so fabulous, because they are so casual yet cute.  They have adorable buckles on the side of the boot for just a little bit of that glam that every girl wants.   These boots come in the three perfect colors you need to match all your outfits with, Grey, Brown, and of course Black. They also have a small little heal for a little click when you walk.  They are perfect to just slip on quickly and go out with your friends to the mall or even the movies.  They are perfect with skinny jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a fluffy scarf.  Another way you can wear them is with a cute flowy dress and a cute jean jacket over it.  Plus, you can dress them with a cowgirl look for when you feeling fun and wild.  These boots are also good for when you’re wanting to go out for dinner with your family and want to feel comfortable, but hot and attractive.


Heal Boots November 28, 2012

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These boots are for those sexy nights when you going out at night with your friends or even your boyfriend.   They make your legs look hot, so you don’t have to worry about your legs looking fat.  Their super cute for all special occasions.  Even when your out and about running errands and going shopping, but want to look your best, well these boots are so perfect for that.  Plus, the heel of the boot is not that tall so your still comfortable during the whole day.  You don’t have to worry about your feet hurting or even your legs hurting, because of the heel.  Another good reason why these boots are so fabulous is that their black and leather. Who can  go wrong with black and leather. Black matches with everything, so when you’re getting dressed in the morning and are like ” I have no idea what to wear this adorable blouse that i got yesterday with.”  Now you don’t have to, because of these sexy yet comfortable boots.  In addition, these boots have an adorable texture to them too, so their not so plain and boring.  The ruffled waves on the boots make it so that when you wear them they make every outfit fun and beautiful.  Also, these boots have a pretty good size platform, so when you walk in them you won’t fall because you have amazing balance. You can practically run in these boots.  Next, these boots keep your legs warm so their perfect for winter and fall.  They also look good with cute designed leg warmers that peek out of the boot just a little bit.


Uggs November 27, 2012

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These boots are so cute and perfect for fall and winter.  They look adorable with leggings, a over-sized sweater, and a fluffy scarf.  Plus, you can also wear them with jeans and a cute top.  Basically you can wear these boots with anything.  They can be used for those lazy days and attractive days.  Uggs are so cute and come in so many different styles.  You can get some with buttons or even gems.  They are also the perfect gift to get your friends and  family.  Everyone will love them.  Plus, they also come in so many colors, so you can match them with anything you want.  You can get them in blue, purple, black, gray, red, and much more.  Another great thing about uggs is that you can get them for children and adults, so everyone can feel that amazing, comfortable feeling of wearing uggs.  Uggs have an awesome type of fur in the inside and a soft fabric on the outside.  They have been shipped to so many countries, because they are loved so much. Uggs stores are everywhere and can be found in many different countries, so when you go on vacation and want to go shopping don’ forget to look online to see where the closest uggs store is. Uggs also come in slipper form, for when you’re in the house and want to just kick back and relax. Or for when your cleaning and want to feel comfortable and warm at the same time.  They also last super long, because their quality is so great and their made out of strong fabric that make it last for years.  And when I say years, I mean like they last five to seven years.  The greatest thing about uggs is that their amazingly fashionable.  When people walk by everyone will look and say “Omg, those are so cute.  Where did you get them?”  And trust me if you get uggs, you will never ever regret getting them, because they are the best boots you could ever get for summer, spring and most of all winter and fall.